Village Lofts Post Tension Garage Work

Village Lofts Facebook Page

Wember has developed a Facebook site for the project. The purpose of the site is to provide updates throughout the project, and perhaps more importantly, offer the residents the opportunity to engage the project team directly through comments and messages. The following link can be used to access the site

Village Lofts – Exploratory Work

The project has reached a major milestone with the beginning of the exploratory work commencing on October 15, 2013. This work will require ASR to cut small openings in the ceilings of 122 units so that the structural engineer can verify the existing conditions, make necessary design changes, and ultimately limit the amount of time spent in each unit during the actual repairs. During this initial work, photos will be taken in the units prior to any work taking place. These photos will only be reviewed if needed, and will be stored on a secure database. The project team and residents do not have access to these photos! The project team has communicated with residents through postings, emails, and direct phone calls in an attempt to make this as seamless as possible. If you have not provided your preferred method of contact and contact information, please do so

Village Lofts – General Update – October 2013

After years of waiting, the approach is clear and the end is in sight! ASR Companies was selected as the General Contractor, and is the last piece of the puzzle along with Owner’s Representative Wember and Structural Engineer JR Harris. The Exploratory Work, October 15th to November 6th, is the first step in the process (for more information see Blog: Exploratory Work), and will be followed by the structural remediation and garage post tensioning. Currently, all phases of the project are planned for completion in early-July 2014. Wember is dedicated to providing updates and communication throughout the project. Updates can be found on blogs, emails, newsletters, as well as Facebook In addition, ASR has provided mailboxes that will be up for the duration of the project where you can return contact information and provide feedback. We look forward to interaction, and encourage all to participate!

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