The project has reached a major milestone with the beginning of the exploratory work commencing on October 15, 2013. This work will require ASR to cut small openings in the ceilings of 122 units so that the structural engineer can verify the existing conditions, make necessary design changes, and ultimately limit the amount of time spent in each unit during the actual repairs. During this initial work, photos will be taken in the units prior to any work taking place. These photos will only be reviewed if needed, and will be stored on a secure database. The project team and residents do not have access to these photos!

The project team has communicated with residents through postings, emails, and direct phone calls in an attempt to make this as seamless as possible. If you have not provided your preferred method of contact and contact information, please do so by calling Ben Thomson of ASR at (303) 325-4780 or emailing him at

The schedule for the exploratory work is attached as well as plans showing the locations of the openings in each unit type. Hopefully, the drawings show where and how large of an opening residents can expect in their units. No matter the size, the openings will be covered to minimize the impact on residents, until repair work begins.