Is The Need For Speed Costing You More Than You Realize?

During the recession, the projects that were funded enjoyed the ability to move quickly through design and construction phases

Myth #7 – Owner’s Reps Select the General Contrator

It was a good day, indeed. Earlier this spring, Wember was notified that we had been selected to serve

A Look Back at 2016

John Glenn passed away, Donald Trump is President Elect, and developers are turning Nazi camps into luxury resorts; 2016

Here’s Your Fee

In speaking with a Principal of an established architectural firm that recently entered the Front Range market, I came

Indemnification – House Bill HB15-1197

On April 14, 2015, Colorado State Legislature unanimously passed House Bill HB15-1197, which was supported by the American Institute

Punch List Strategizing

Design on the Cheap? Think Again.

by Cynthia Kemper. Originally published in the June 2015 issue of Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Building Dialogue, Cynthia Kemper’s Colorado Pulse column.

Ask An Owner’s Rep

Our staff is frequently asked for our opinion or insight on various industry matters, from the latest technology to

What I am Not Thankful for This Year

To have good, you must have bad; up must have down, and to be thankful, you need to have

Your Building Smells Like Crap

We often focus on the aesthetic of our buildings, but unless the rendering comes with a scratch and sniff