Erie Clayton Park

Erie Clayton Park owner: Town of Erie architect: Terracina Design general contractor: Roche Contractors

Lyons Library

Lyons Library owner: Lyons Regional Library District architect: Ratio/Humphries Poli general contractor: Fransen Pittman General Contractors

Northern Plains Library

Northern Plains Library owner: High Plains Library District architect: GSG Architecture general contractor: Fransen Pittman General Contractors

Research Aviation Facility

Research Aviation Facility owner: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and The National Science Foundation architect: TreanorHL

Arvada Police Station

Arvada Police Station owner: City of Arvada architect: Barker Rinker Seacat general contractor: Golden Triangle Construction

Denver Tennis Park

Denver Tennis Parkowner: Denver Tennis Park, Inc.architect: Hord Coplan Machtgeneral contractor: PCL

Greeley Civic Center

Greeley Civic Center  owner: City of Greeley architect: alm2s general contractor: Hensel Phelps Construction

Fort Morgan Middle School

Fort Morgan Middle School owner: Morgan County School District Re-3 architect: Larsen Incitti Architects general contractor: Haselden

Sam Gary Library

Sam Gary Library owner: Denver Public Library architect: OZ Architecture general contractor: Adolfson and Peterson Construction

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