The first time I saw an app was from the IT Director on a project during construction. He proudly showed me his level on his new Iphone. I advised him that he might not want to bring that out during the next OAC meeting. This initial experience and many following left me underwhelmed by the possibilities of this new revolutionary technology but times have changed and so has my opinion.

We have been using our phones for communication be it texting, email, and live video (showing consultants field conditions in live format) for some time but the field of applications has changed immensely and is continuing to evolve. Recently I was on a site walk with a client and we were trying to determine where the property line might be, comparing a concept drawing to a google map on my phone was ok but didn’t give me the confidence that I needed. Upon returning to the office I searched for an application that might help solve the problem. What I uncovered was an App called “pocket surveyor” which would have allowed me to answer the question of how big is the site, we would have been more productive in the meeting and we would have been adding more value to the client.

This led me to look into what other apps in the AEC industry might add value, here is the initial list.

  1. Pocket Surveyor – Great for taking measurements on site. I haven’t tested the accuracy of it, maybe it will tell the client how big the conference room they are meeting is which always seems to be a question that comes up during design.
  2. Heavy Construction Calculators – Calculate quantities of materials by volume surface area etc.
  3. Buildings – Ok, so it is less about the client but still a cool application when you are at a conference or on vacation. Sneak away and check out some architecture you may have walked right by.
  4. Flashlight – Seems silly but this application actually helped us gain access to an area that we needed to review on a site walk that had no lights saving us a lot of time.
  5. Construction Glossary – Good application but we still prefer our glossary

Have an application that you are using, share it here!

Paul Wember, Wember Inc. ~ Owner’s Representative