The LEED scorecard is a tool pretty much standard on projects in the United States and seeing immense growth overseas. But like any tool it’s not perfect and we thought we would share a couple of situation where LEED may lead you to an improper design solution.

  1. Raised floor mechanical system in a Detention Center.
  2. Showers in grade school facility. (Sure they may have a lot more bike riders but isn’t it more sustainable not to shower anyway?)
  3. Additional Bike Racks at a Senior Center.
  4. Dual flush in the men’s toilet stall (you may have to ponder this one for a minute)
  5. White roofs in Alaska.
  6. Solotubes in a movie theater

As professionals I’m sure errors of this magnitude wouldn’t be encountered but the point is think about how to approach your project for what is right for you and your client, not the guideline. What other LEED guidelines might end up with unusual results?

Paul Wember, Wember Inc. ~ Owner’s Representative