Apps – Using Technology to Make Your Job Easier

The first time I saw an app was from the IT Director on a project during construction. He proudly showed me his level on his new Iphone. I advised him that he might not want to bring that out during the next OAC meeting. This initial experience and many following left me underwhelmed by the possibilities of this new revolutionary technology but times have changed and so has my opinion. We have been using our phones for communication be it texting, email, and live video (showing consultants field conditions in live format) for some time but the field of applications has changed immensely and is continuing to evolve. Recently I was on a site walk with a client and we were trying to determine where the property line might be, comparing a concept drawing to a google map on my phone was ok but didn’t give me the

Social Media in the AEC Industry

Blogs and Social Media Social Media continues to gain significant momentum and, like many, we are challenged to understand the full meaning and impact of LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, and blogging. Our use of these tools has increased and, like anything, the more you use it the more you understand the value. What we do know is that the AEC is relationship based and with the increased competition and turnover in the workplace your network and relationships with clients are more important than ever. LinkedIn is a tool that we are using heavily from posting job ads to finding consultants. Recently we were searching for a consultant to assist on a marketing endeavor. By using the search features we discovered that one of our employees was connected to a local professional that was a great match. We easily could determine who some of the marketing consultants clients were,

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