Per our previous blog we discussed the importance of talking points. This blog builds on that concept.

Remember that friend you had in college, the one you loved hanging out with? They always seemed to have a crowd around them often made up of the opposite sex. Recall why you enjoyed their company? Chances are they had these things going for them:

  1. They liked to laugh
  2. They had wit
  3. They could tell a good story

So what does this have to do with an interview and talking points? A lot! Ever have an interview that’s going well and then train wrecks in the Q&A? You’re not alone. Chances are you had practiced the presentation portion but weren’t prepared for the free form part of the interview: you may have been thrown a real zinger of a question. You may have known your talking points but you didn’t know how to pull it together. Here is a tip: have a story.

People love a good story. Stories about people and experiences create an emotional connection and engage the. By having a few stories related to your talking points you should be able to address nearly any question and tie it back to your underlying message.

Tell us about your favorite project and why, tell us about a challenge on a project that was overcome, make us laugh and relax a bit. The worst thing that can happen by having a few stories at the ready are the fact that a story can simply buy you time as you think of the answer you want to give.