The A/E/C industry has seen many mergers and acquisitions in the past few years. As a follow up to the original “Scary Merger Name” blog, we gave some thought to a few more that would be fun to see!

Zehren & Associates+Zmistowski Design Group+Zone 4 Architects = Zzzz Architects

B2sj Design Group +Zone 4 Architects+Yow Architects = BS 4 Yow Group

Greenfield Architects + Brown David P + Blueline Architects PC  = Rainbow Color Design

Hairabedian ARG Architects + Klipp (now GKK now Cannon) = Hair Klipp

Conger Fuller Architects + Shike Design = Fuller Shike Architects

Craig Melvin Architects + Hobbs Design Firm = Celvin and Hobbs Architects

Vaught Frye Architects + Theodore K Guy Associates = Frye Guy Architects

Barker Rinker Seacat and OZ Architects = BROZ

Way Architects + Unreal Construction LLC = Way Unreal Design / Build

Reynolds + Arapahoe Architects = Reynolds Arap Architects

Gunson Architects  + Abo Group = Guns and Abo Architects

Bucher Design Studio Inc.+ Fisher Associates Architects = Bucher Fish Architects

RNL Design + McDonald Architects = RNL McDonald Architects

Sunlit Architecture + Moon Hill Design Inc = Sunlit Moon Architecture

Steamboat Architectural Associates + Sprocket Design Build Inc = Steam Sprocket Associates

Way Architects + Fenno Hoffman Architects = Way Off Architects

O’Bryan Partnership Inc + Myller Scott Architect+Godden | Sudik Architects, Inc. = O’My God Architects

Nunn Construction + JE Dunn = Nunn Dunn Construction

Melinder White + White Construction + The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. = Miles of White Construction

GH Phipps Construction + FCI Constructors = C in the FGHI Constructors

Turner Construction + MW Golden Constructors = Turn Gold Construction

Mark Young Construction Inc. + Mortenson = Young Mort & Sons

Maxwell + Iron Mike Construction = Max Iron Construction