We have been seeing a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the last couple years, scary stuff. We were thinking about what would happen if the trend continued and the following merged….even scarier. Happy Halloween.

Zehren & Associates+Zmistowski Design Group+Zone 4 Architects = Zzzz Architects

B2sj Design Group +Zone 4 Architects+Yow Architects = BS 4 Yow Group

Greenfield Architects + Brown David P + Blueline Architects PC + Colorado Architecture Prtnrshp = Rainbow Color Design

Hairabedian ARG Architects + klipp = Hair Klipp

Conger Fuller Architects + Shike Design = Fuller Shike Architects

Craig Melvin Architects + Hobbs Design Firm = Celvin and Hobbs Architects

Vaught Frye Architects + Theodore K Guy Associates = Frye Guy Architects

Barker Rinker Seacat and OZ Architects = BROZ

Way Architects + Unreal Construction LLC = Way Unreal Construction

Reynolds + Arapahoe Architects = Reynolds Arap Architects

Gunson Architects + Abo Group = Guns and Abo Architects

Bucher Design Studio Inc.+ Fisher Associates Architects = Bucher Fish Architects

RNL Design + McDonald Architects = RNL McDonald Architects

Sunlit Architecture + Moon Hill Design Inc = Sunlit Moon Architecture

Steamboat Architectural Associates + Sprocket Design Build Inc = Steam Sprocket Associates

Way Architects + Fenno Hoffman Architects = Way Off Architects

O’Bryan Partnership Inc + Myller Scott Architect+Godden | Sudik Architects, Inc. = O’My God Architects

~ Paul Wember, Owner’s Representative