Design and construction projects are filled with constant negotiations, decisions, and deadlines. The combination puts a lot of pressure on the core teams involved, and although usually evenly distributed across the life of the project, there are times when stress is particularly elevated:

1.  An estimate is over budget
2.  A design goal is not achieved
3.  Changes are requested or required late in the project

Over the years we have found that project stress brings our predictable behaviors for those with certain personality traits:

1.  Someone who is overbearing will dominate the conversation
2.  Someone who consistently makes ethical decisions will do so with stronger conviction
3.  Someone who avoids confrontation will do whatever they can to make the issue disappear

We recommend that during a project, starting at a selection process, you pay attention to people’s personalities. As you develop theses relationships focus on individual’s conflict resolution style and tendencies. Why is this important? When a project enters a stressful situation you will be more prepared to manage individual team members and lead a stressful situation to a successful outcome. You will find, as we have, that understanding the personalities of the parties involved will lead to more harmonious project management.

Paul Wember ~ Owner’s Representative